Our Tea Selection

Why not join us for a cuppa and take some home. Our teas are special blends from all over the world delivered right to you. Pick a favourite, or try something new.

All of our teas are served by the pot and billed per person.



Irish Breakfast
 Very full bodied

Cream Irish Breakfast
Full bodied with a delicious creamy caramel taste

Prince of Wales
Full bodied with hints of black currant

English Breakfast
Full tea flavour notes

Decaf English Breakfast
Full tea flavour without the caffeine

Buckingham Palace
Earl Grey and Jasmine notes

Earl Grey
Excellent aroma and classic taste

Cream Earl Grey
Mellowed with a delicious creamy taste



Russian Earl Grey
Orange and lemon notes

Dorian Grey
Sweet caramel ticklers with a touch of Earl Grey

Windsor Castle
Notes of Darjeeling, Assam and Ceylon

Hints of muscatel and camomile

Rich full flavour

PG Tips
Very full bodied

Queen Elizabeth
Malty Assam and toasty Darjeeling

Lady Londonderry
Flowery and malty with hints of strawberry and lemon


Caffeine Free herb & fruit teas


Provence Rooibos
Floral and fruity bouquet

Cranberry Apple
Rich fruity character

Summer Breeze
Invigorating and refreshing lemon and apple character

Berry Berry
Deep berry notes

Cool fresh taste

English Breakfast
Full tea flavour notes without the caffeine


Aromatic black teas


Piquant, spicy and fruity hot

Rocky Horror Spice
Pumpkin & spice notes

Pumpkin Spice
Notes of cinnamon & pumpkin abound

Swiss Hot Chocolate
Rich hot chocolate & strong black tea

Christmas Blend
Notes of cinnamon & clove. Reminiscent of a Christmas European market



Monk’s Blend

Combination of vanilla and grenadine

Fresh lemon flavour

Irish Cream
Creamy and smooth

Orange Spice
Orange and cinnamon flavour

Mulled Spice
Fruity notes tempered with a delicious cinnamon character






green teas

Earthy Paradise
Captivating jasmine flavour

Japan Sencha
Smooth with good body



Other favourites



Lapsang Souchong (China Black)
Heady oak fire aroma

Keemun Panda #1 (China black
Winey, fruity tea

Cochin Masala Chai
 Indian Masala, cardamom and ginger

Pai Mu Tan (White Tea)
Jammy flavour with sweet notes

Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan
Toasty notes with a hint of Lapsang




Margaret’s Hope
Lovely muscatel flavour


Lovers Three Flower
Lavender and jasmine notes